Osaka concert 
2019 July 6th, Saturday 15:00 (14:30 door open)
Musical Connection, International Exchange Concert 
with Tucson Repertory Orchestra & Orchestra Amicitia
Beethoven Piano Concerto No.5 Emperor
Dvorak Symphony No.9 “New World”
Bernstein Musical West Side Story
Sousa Stars and Stripes Forever
Conductor:Toru Tagawa, Piano: Reiko Shimokawa
Venue:Minoh city Maple Hall

Arizona concert 
2019 June 8th, 2019 1:30-2:00pm Family concert, 3pm concert TRO Tucson Repertory Orchestra Music of the Masters XV Beethoven Piano Concerto No.5 “Emperor” Dvorak Symphony No.9 “New World” Conductor:Toru Tagawa, Piano:Reiko Shimokawa Venue:Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 2331 E.Adams St. Tucson, AZ USA Admission by Donation

Tokyo concert 
2018 Feb 19th, Monday 11:00-13:30 
The Leschetizky Society of Japan, Special study meeting
The society is led by Prof.Janos Cegledy.
2 pianos by Ronan Magill & Reiko Shimokawa, other members.
Program:Gershwin Rhapsody in blue, 
Schumann Andante and Variations Op.46 et al.
Venue:Hibiya Matsuo Hall in Tokyo 
Participation fee:1000yen 
Everybody writes comments for each performance.

Tokyo concert 
September 14th 2017, Thursday 12:30-13:00 (open 12:00) 
Minami Azabu lunchtime concert 
Piano:Reiko Shimokawa 
Program: Rachmaninov: Vocalise op.34 no.14 
Gershwin: 3 Preludes, Rhapsody in Blue and others.
Venue:Minami Azabu Centre Hall, Tokyo 
Tickets:2,000yen, Free for SMS support members

August 25th 2017 , Friday 18:00 (open 17:30) 
Evening Concert by Kotoku Musicians Association 
“Music of Pub and Cafe” 
Performers by Kotoku Musicians Association 
Piano:Reiko Shimokawa 
Program:Gershwin: 3 Preludes 
Other programs by Kotoku Mucisians Association members 
Venue:Kotoku Bunka Center 2F lobby

August 5th Saturday 2017, 19:00 (open 18:30) 
Turkey & Japan friendship concert 
Viola:Burcu Yazici Violin:Ezgi Gonlum Yalcin 
Piano:Yuko Negishi Piano:Reiko Shimokawa 
Viola & Piano: Scherzo by Brahms, Le grand tango by Piazzolla 
Violin Solo: Yudumluk by Ekrem Zeki Ün
Violin & Piano:3 Vals by Yalcin Tura 
Piano 4 hands: Hungarian Dance No.1, 5 by Brahms
Piano Solo: Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin 
Venue:Monzen-nakacho Symphony Salon, Rm 201 
Reservation only

July 30th Sunday 2016, 17:10-40 
The Ninth Tokyo Performing Arts Festival 
Dance:Mao Hosoda, Piano:Reiko Shimokawa 
Program: Rachmaninov: Vocalise op.34 no.14 
Gershwin: 3 Preludes, Rhapsody in Blue and others.
Venue:Nakano Zero Audiovisual(Shicho-kaku) Hall, Main building B2
2-9-7 Nakano, Nakano-Ku Tokyo

June 2, 2016(Thu)
12:30PM〜1:00PM (open at 12:00pm)
Piano:Reiko Shimokawa
Prokofiev, Sergei Sergeevich :
10 Pieces from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Op.75
Reading:Noriko Wakao
Admission Fee : 2,000yen, SMS support members : complimentary
Special Bonus :
Coupon to use at nearby restaurant for
discount and / or other benefits.


March 6th Sunday, 15:00 (door open 14:30)
“Il Vento di Tango (Winds of Tango) ~Accordion player from Italy”
Accordion(Bayan) & Bandoneon:Giuseppe Scigliano
Piano:Reiko Shimokawa (Guest) Violin:Jun Yahata, Mezzo soprano:Tomoko Kitano
Program: Duo with Bayan or Bandoneon & Piano, plus Violin Trio, Songs
Tango by Piazzolla, Gardel, “Express Suites” by Italian contemporary composer Enrico Blatti
Venue:OCC hall (Osaka Christian Center, nearest station:Tamatsukuri)
Tickets: Advance 3,000yen, Door 3,500yen
Booking:Music School Tonica tel:072-422-1160
Ticket PIA tel:0570-02-9999/P code:285619
Sponsor:reikopiano Project
Support:Zonta Club of Osaka Ⅰ, Osaka College of Music Alumni〈KOUGAKUKAI〉,
Izumisano city Musician’s club, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Tokyo, Japan Accordion Association

Tokyo 2
March 4 Friday 2016, 7:00pm
Tiara Monthly Concert vol.183
“Il Vento di Tango (Winds of Tango)
~Accordion player from Italy”
Accordion(Bayan) & Bandoneon:Giuseppe Scigliano
Piano:Reiko Shimokawa (Guest)Violin:Hiroko Saitoh
Program: Duo with Bayan or Bandoneon & Piano, plus Violin Trio
Tango by Piazzolla, Gardel, “Express Suites” by Italian contemporary composer Enrico Blatti
Venue:Tiara Koto small Hall (nearest station:Sumiyoshi)
Tickets: Advance 3,000yen Friends of Tiara Koto 2,700yen, Door 3,500yen
Booking tel:03-5624-3333
Sponsor:Kotoku Musician’s Association, Cosponsorship: Koto City Culture and Community Foundation
Cooperation:Kawai Omotesando
Support:Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Tokyo, Japan Accordion Association

Tokyo 1
March 2nd Wednesday, 18:30
2 marzo 2016, inizio ore 18.30
Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Tokyo
Accordion(Bayan) & Bandoneon:Giuseppe Scigliano,
Piano:Reiko Shimokawa
Program: Duo with Bayan or Bandoneon & Piano
Tango by Piazzolla, Gardel, “Express Suites” by Italian contemporary composer Enrico Blatti
Venue:Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Tokyo, Auditorium Umberto Agnelli
Admission Free,
Tel. 03-3264-6011(ex.13, 29)
Sponsor: Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Tokyo,
2-1-30 Kudan Minami,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 102-0074

TRO Japan Tour: Hiroshima concert
October 14th, Wednesday 2015, Door open 18:15, starts 18:45
Tucson Repertory Orchestra Japan Tour in Hiroshima
Cultural Exchange with Music…
Venue:Aster Plaza, 2nd Floor, Orchestra Practice Room
Address: 4-17, Kakomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima city (Tram stations: Funairimachi / Kakomachi)
Program: Sibelius Finlandia, Beethoven Symphony No.5,
Chopin Andante Spianato e Grand Polonaise op.22 (Pf:Reiko Shimokawa)
Tagawa triple jazz concerto (Vn.Toru Tagawa, B.Satoru Tagawa, Pf.Kokichi Tagawa), Chamber Ensemble (Vn.Hiroshi Tadasue, Vla.Shota Iwasaki, Pf.Haruka Irie, Tub.Kyosuke Nakata)
(Artists from Japan) Vn.Maki Ueno, Members from Hiroshima Tafel Orchestra and others.
Sponsor: Tucson Repertory Orchestra (TRO) from USA
Support: Hiroshima city, Chugoku Shimbun Newspaper, Hiroshima Shudo University Orchestra, Hiroshima Tafel Orchestra,Hatsukaichi Brass School, Classic Cafe Serenade, Flower & Cafe Cedre, Living Hiroshima Newspaper
Admission Free (Donations Welcome) The first 100 seats available. (Mr.Tagawa)


August 22 Saturday 2015,1:30pm
“il cuore di musica~ Summer Music!~”
Special Guests from Arizona, Cello: Theodore Buchholz, Oboe: Sara Fraker
Countertenor: Koichi Sekine, Soprano:Kayo Maeda, Shoko Nakagawa, Megumi Osodo,
Chikako Yazawa, Mezzo Soprano:Ayako Wada,
Flute: Akie Ootaki, Piano: Shintaro Inoguchi, Reiko Shimokawa, Natsuko Sugawara
Program: Trio, Various songs featuring summer
Venue: Tower Hall Funabori Small Hall (Funabori Station 1min)
Tickets:3,000 yen


August 21 Friday 2015, 12:00pm-12:30pm
Promenade Special Concert Presented by Koto-ku Musician’s Association
Venue: Koto City Cultural Center second floor lobby
Special Guests from Arizona, Cello: Theodore Buchholz, Oboe: Sara Fraker
Piano: Reiko Shimokawa
Program: (Trio) Jay Vosk (b. 1948) Songs of the Hours, Vivaldi Concerto in G minor RV 812
Clémence de Grandval (1828-1907) Romance et Gavotte for oboe, cello & piano
(Cello & Piano) Mendelssohn”May Breezes”, De Falla Ritual fire dance
Admission free


August 18 Wednesday 2015, 11:30am
IDRS Tokyo Japan 2015 Recital
Venue: National Olympic Memorial Youth Center
Program: Clémence de Grandval (1828-1907) Romance et Gavotte for oboe, cello & piano
Oboe:Sara Fraker, Cello:Theodore Buchholz, Piano:Reiko Shimokawa

Tokyo Crossings project Vol.1

July 25 Saturday 2015, 6:00pm (Door open 5:30pm)
Crossings project Vol.1 Self, Society, Music=Body Without Organs
“Crossings” Contemporary composer’s group with Koji Kawai ,Toshiaki Komori, Hiromu Yamaguchi
Program: 【 Koji Kawai composition “Ritornello” Aji-sound (Aji means the beginning of world)
Performers・Recitation chanting=Roei: Miran Sakamoto , Chanting of the Buddhist hymns:Makiko Sakurai, Piano: Reiko Shimokawa】
Luigi Nono “…sofferte onde serene…The serene wave full of sufferings”( Piano: Reiko Shimokawa) et al.
Tickets: Door 3,000 yen/ADV 2,500 yen
Venue: Half Moon Hall -Shimokitazawa

Minamiazabu Lunchtime Concert

May 28th, 2015 Thursday 12:30-13:00 (Door open 12:00)
Minamiazabu Lunchtime Concert
Piano:Reiko Shimokawa
Program: Chopin Impromputu op.29
Schumann Des Abends, Aufschwung
Prokofieff op.4 including Suggestion Diabolique
Tickets: Reiko’s friends & MACH club members 500yen
Others 1000 yen
With Free coffee! & Discount ticekt for restaurants
Venue:Minamiazabu Centre Hall
3F,4-12-15 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku Tokyo
Tel: 03-5791-3070
Fax: 03-3446-3866

Reiko Shimokawa Piano Recital in Chiang Mai Thailand

Friday 27th February 2015
at 7:30pm CRK Recital Hall
Payap University, Keaw Nawarat Campus
Program:Beethoven Sonate op.31 Nr.2,
Chopin Grande Polonaise Brillante op.22
Tchaikovsky Selections from The Nutcracker Suite op.71a
Prokofieff 4 pieces op.4
Admission Free, Donations appreciated

2014 June 21st, 2pm (Sat)
Tucson Repertory Orchestra, Conductor:Toru Tagawa
“Music of the Masters V, Tchaikovsky!!”
Venue:Grace St Paul’s Episcopal Church, 2331, E. Adams St Tucson,
AZ 85719 USA
Program: Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 with Reiko Shimokawa
Tchaikovsky Symphony No.5
Admission Free, Donations Welcome
12:30-1pm will be a short family concert!! For Families with small children.
And anyone who wants short introduction to classical music!! Admission is free.
Hope to see you there!!

Afternoon Concert at Nissan Tamagawa Hospital
”Enchanted By Tchaikovsky”

24th May 2014, 13:30
Piano: Reiko Shimokawa & Eriko Ishii-Konrad
All Tchaikovsky Program:
Selections from The Nutcracker Suite op.71a (Four Hands)
Swan Lake- Scene op.20, June Barcarolle from The Seasons (Solo)
Piano Concerto No.1, op.23 (2 pianos)
Venue:2F Hall at Nissan Tamagawa Hospital
Admission Free

Oikawa Music Agency Frech Gala Concert No.117

29th April 2014, 14:00
Venue: Bunkyocivic hall (small), tokyo Japan
Piano: Reiko Shimokawa, Eriko Ishii-Konrad
Program:Tchaikovsky piano concerto No.1 played by 2 pianos
Encore piece will be “Dane of the Reed-Flutes” from Nutcracker Suite

Reinstatement of Virtuoso Vol.151
22nd March 2013, 19:00
Mozart-Kammerorchester Japan
Conductor: Ryoichi Kado
Piano: Reiko Shimokawa
Venue: Izumi Hall
Program: Chopin Piano Concerto No.1 op.11 E minor
Production: Osaka Artist Agency

The Salon Concert, The afternoon of F.Chopin
9th March 2013, 15:00
Venue: Shiodome Bechstein Salon in Italia-gai
Piano: Reiko Shimokawa 
Guest Piano:Haruna Kubo 
All Chopin Program:
Piano Concerto No.1 op.11 E minor(2pianos)
12 Etudes op.10-5, op25-11  etc.
Admission: 3,500 yen  Students 2,500 yen(80 people limited)

Reiko Shimokawa Piano Recital [Evening of MENDELSSOHN]
18th November 2011, 19:00
Venue: Tiara Koto Small Hall
Piano: Reiko Shimokawa
Violin: Noriko Iso
Cello: Misato Shimizu
Pre Talk: Motoo Funaki
Mendelssohn, Piano Trio No.1 in D minor Op.49
Mendelssohn, Fantasy Op.28
Mendelssohn, Rondo Capriccioso Op.14
Rentaro Taki, Trio [Koujou no Tsuki] etc.

Chieko Konishi Louie (fl.)& Reiko Shimokawa (pf.)
Autumn Concert Tour in B.C. 2011 October

7th May 2011, 15:00
Venue: Mendelssohn-Haus Leipzig
Collaboration with Yoshiyuki Ikuhara (Photographer)
Violin: Kana Akasaka
Cello: Daniel Wachsmuth
Piano: Reiko Shimokawa

Composer Series in The Phoenix Hall Autumn 2010
Series5 Mendelssohn [Reiko Shimokawa Piano Recital]
26th November 2010, 19:00
Venue: The Phoenix Hall

Toru Shimamura & Reiko Shimokawa, Guitar and Piano Recital
[Sound Spun the Wind of the Future]
2nd October 2010, 14:00
Venue: Koto City Culture Center Hall

An Evening of Rakugo and Classical Music

Osaka Japan

An Evening of Rakugo and Classical Music

Tokyo Japan

Osaka Japan

Trio Con Spirito

Lowen Piano House

Chieko Konishi Louie Flute Recital

Shadbolt Centre for the Arts Studio #103

An Evening of Rakugo and Classical Music

TOM Lee Music Hall

Chieko Konishi Louie Flute Recital

Lowen Piano House

Reiko Nakatsukasa Recital

Kyoto Japan

– Songs of Clowns –

Tokyo Japan

Violinist Junko Senzaki

Kyoto Japan